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As catholic relief organisation it is directly responsible for a range of 40 social institutions with a staff of 2,100 and serves as an umbrella organisation for 675 further services with in total more than 20,000 people employed.

Among its facilities are twelve mobile nursing services, six retirement homes, five facilities for the handicapped, four facilities for drug addicts, two rest cure and wellness establishments and one institution in the area of child and youth welfare. 

Within the Diocese of Osnabrück there are five regional branches with different social counselling services following the including districts of Osnabrück, Grafschaft Bentheim, Emsland, Ostfriesland, Diepholz and Nienburg.

The Caritas Diocese of Osnabrück is member of the German Caritas Association.

The German Caritas Association

The German Caritas Association is a registered charity. It is recognised by the German Bishops’ Conference as the institutional association and representation of the Catholic welfare association Caritas in Germany. Learn more.